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Cellfina – Cellulite Treatment

Cellfina A Smooth That Lasts

Unfortunately, everyone has cellulite, but not everyone has to live with it forever. Dr. Henry is excited to be the first in the region to offer Cellfina, a new, FDA-Cleared procedure to help reduce unwanted cellulite. This treatment is minimally invasive and produces lasting results*. Studies have shown the results last for at least three years!

Cellfina treats the primary structural cause of cellulite with an in-office procedure performed by Dr. Lance Henry. This results in a smooth that lasts and dramatic improvement of cellulite*. The connective bands that are woven through the fat can cause the puckering of the skin associated with cellulite. This treatment helps release these connected bands, resulting in a smoother looking and feeling skin*.

Cellfina before after

Cellfina 1*
Cellfina 2*

The procedure typically takes about 45 minutes and can help reduce the appearance of cellulite in the thighs and buttocks areas. There is very little downtime. Some may experience mild soreness that typically resolves quickly.

We offer complimentary consultations for Cellfina. At this personalized consultation, we will discuss your personal goals and how Cellfina can help you reach them.

*Results may vary from person to person. Some experience results faster than others.